I met a man in love with a sex doll
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I spent an afternoon with a man in love with a sex doll. Yes: in love. As in, the madly, deeply, head over heels kind.

Murray lives on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and has been a doll enthusiast for about eight years. After his third serious relationship ended in divorce, he was very lonely, quite depressed and close to suicide.

So Murray turned to life-sized sex dolls.


Eight years and four dolls later, Murray says he’s found a level of contentment that he never even knew existed. ‘Noni’, as the doll is known, completes him.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and spoken with thousands more. But Murray was definitely one of the most open and honest men I’ve ever met. He was so giving of his time and his story. And that came across to the viewer.

Filming with Noni and Murray was an interesting experience. When I first walked in, burdened with luggage and camera gear, I dumped my stuff in the living room, looked up and there’s Noni, sitting on the couch. Staring at me.

Noni was definitely a presence in the room. At first, it was impossible to ignore her. But after an hour or so, that faded. Noni’s presence became almost normal.

Until Murray started to undress her…


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